Oil Painting Workshops added!

Two intermediate oil painting one-day workshops have been added in January, 2010! Both workshops will have supplies, but if the students already have favorite oil paints and brushes, please feel free to bring them to class. The classes will be located at The Next Picture Show gallery in Dixon, Illinois.

The classes are Saturday, Jan. 16, 2010 and Saturday, Jan. 23, 2010. Both classes will be 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Bring a lunch if you'd like or just step out to one of the little restaurants just steps away! Snacks will be provided.

Since I paint with water soluable oils, I will be demonstrating with them. However, the class will be provided with traditional oils to work with.

Class size is 8 people MAX. To get complete information on the workshops go to my new WORKSHOPS/CLASSES page on my website. Each class will have a link that will take you directly to The Next Picture Show's class signup page.

It's a blur...

"Driving Home," oil on gallery-wrapped canvas
12" x 24"

For being unemployed, I'm awfully busy. But I'm doing stuff that's actually interesting.

Getting a lot more painting done. Not posting much because, well, it is Christmas time and some folks wouldn't be surprised, would they?

Today I did finish a smallish landscape in oils. Kind of a fun painting. Forgive the photo. I finished this around 3:30 and the light in my place gets a bit wonky and causes glossiness on parts of the work.

I took this photo when I was driving north from Peoria after a food show I attended (for my place of previous employment). Took some back roads and the light was just starting to get low. Surprised I wasn't pulled over because my car tends to weave when doing drive-by photos. As with most of my work, I covered the canvas in cad red first to create a warm glow through the following layers of paint. You may see some of that read peeking through.

I will be posting this on my etsy art shop page and on my website. Be sure to stop by both places as I have updated them. On my website, I have added a new section called "Workshops/Classes." My upcoming classes are now listed.

Acrylic Workshop #1: DONE!

Starting out. Laying in the first layer of colors. I made them all cover the canvas in cad red. I do that a lot and since I was the teacher...I got to be the boss! (Notice that Santa stopped by ... in the back)

They're getting into it now.

Dawn is getting near the finish line. Looking very good.

The class and me with our works of art! Not bad, eh?

Well, another milestone for me today. I thought I would never teach a class or workshop. Basically I just paint and really don't know how I do it, I just paint for goodness sake!

But, times change and it was time to conquer another fear. And as most fears go, once the fear is faced, it really not as big a deal as you think it was. Weird huh?

Anyway, the class was full to capacity. Only wanted 8 maximum students. It's hard for me to concentrate on too many questions at once. Also, I decided that a still life in beginning acrylics would be easy to sketch out with simple forms. So, the whole class and I worked on the same photo that I took. Some folks teach class with everyone doing something differently. To avoid my head from exploding, I chose to work on one simple subject.

The class ran from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and almost everyone finished their painting!!! They taught me more than the other way around. Pretty cool, huh?

Next workshops: Jan. 16 and Jan. 23. Will probably be in oils. Stay tuned.

Finished 1 - Starting another

"Leaving Peoria," 18" x 36", oil on gessobord

I finished the lanscape I started a couple of weeks ago. The holiday really cut into studio time. Last week was my last week of working at the hotels. So, I guess I now have some time for painting. People keep telling me that. Only problem is that they have to sell to pay the rent!!!

This piece is titled "Leaving Peoria" because I was driving back home from a food show in Peoria at the end of September this year. There's mostly country highways on the way back to Dixon and the sun was just starting to get low. This painting is definitely more illustration in style and I don't know how I feel about it yet. Kinda like working with the oranges and bold blues. They do bounce off each other.

in progress

Getting back into still life too. After finishing "Leaving Peoria," I started on a floral still life. Haven't done this in ages. This photo I shot over a year ago...almost two! So far I have just the blocking in stages started. I'm enjoying a bit of spring while winter is starting to gain foothold here in the midwest!

In Progress

A work in progress, 18" x 36," oil on gessobord

This is another drive by painting. I was on the way home from Peoria at the end of September and decided to hit the back roads.

I've taken a more illustration approach to this painting. The subject begged for bright bold rendering rather than a more subdued realistic approach. I still have more to do on it. The trees suck right now and part of the rolling landscape got too wet for me to work on. Lost the light at the end of the day too. 4:45 p.m. comes early for sunset these days.

Yesterday I sketched out and undercoated two more paintings also. Worries about getting a real job go away when I'm in the studio.

Update on last painting

"Iowa Drive By," 24" x 30"
oil on gessobord

Note: this is a better image of the painting I posted last week, but I had misplaced (yes, that's what I did) my handy dandy camera. Well, she's back and I am now replacing it with a better image.

Got NOTHING done today. Can't concentrate. Although I did put away all my summer clothes, put away my laundry, and made homemade chicken stock. God, the place smells great.

Also, canceled most of my comcast cable, switched internet providers, argued with my ex husband (but not a lot...just a little), found out my daughter's car was vandalized in Chicago (damn kids), went to the Dixon Chamber of Commerce's BAB (business after business) at Sauk Valley Bank (fun), WON a door prize (some beers and peanuts in a bucket), had some laughs with friends I haven't seen in a long while.....

See...life is full of interesting stuff. Just gotta pay attention.

Oh...and "The Mentalist" is on now. Simon Baker is a god and this show is wonderful. Toodles.

Iowa Drive By

"Iowa," 24" x 30"
oil on gessobord

Did a painting in one day. Kinda cool when that happens. Please forgive the quality of the photo. For those that know me, I have misplaced my camera again. It'll surface. It always does.

So, anyway, all I had to use was my IPhoto on my Mac laptop. Color is a bit off and very low resolution. When I find that camera (and I will dammit), I will repost.

This image is one of my "drive by" photos. I was coming back from Lake Okoboji in NW Iowa and the fields of corn and soybeans were all in their golden glory. Storms were just finishing and clearing out with the sun soon coming through.

These drive bys can be dangerous. Almost ran off the road a couple of times.

Getting organized

Last week I was given notice that my job position will be cut by the end of November. I'll work part time until then. Was pretty disappointed, since as with most people, I need the money.

So, while looking for other employment, I have been trying to update my website, www.jaynerose.com and finally published my painting fan page on Facebook. See Fan Page widget on the right.

Also, created some small Christmas ornaments for The Next Picture Show in Dixon, IL as part of a fundraiser.

All in all, I'm moving rather slowly, like my feet are in molasses. Can't jump right back into painting and I don't know why. But, I'm gonna figure it out dammit!

Fundraiser paintings both sold

"Soy Beans in September," 11" x 14", acrylic on canvas
(color is a bit off because I took the photo of it while it was hanging in the gallery)

"Pine Creek," 11" x 14", acrylic on canvas

Last Friday, the Next Picture Show gallery in Dixon had a "Secret Artist" fundraiser for the gallery itself.

Artists were asked to paint on gallery-provided 11" x 14" wrap-around canvases, but not sign them. All paintings were to be sold for $200.

Here are both of mine. Happily, both sold. Haven't heard how the gallery did that evening. The gallery is great, but it is very slow on reporting how fundraisers turn out.

Life is SO BUSY!!!

Daddy and His Girls
Morgan, Jeff, Erin

I'm probably not the only one amazed at how fast August has flown by.

My oldest daughter, Erin, got married on August 8. It had been a lovely cool summer here in the midwest. Until the day of the OUTDOOR wedding! It was at least 95 degrees and high humidity. We had large amounts of rain that cleared up late the day before, but then the humidity set in. Luckily we had shade for the ceremony and a nice breeze helped.

Erin was absolutely gorgeous and we had a great, unique wedding. She married a great guy that she met while in school in Savannah GA. He's originally from Sweden and is of Serbian descent. Brilliant, funny, and fits right in with both sides of the family. His immediate family came in from Sweden and Canada, with only a few speaking English! It was a truly international weekend in corn country.

My ex-husband's niece, Becca Pierson, is a fabulous photographer and she provided that service during the wedding.

The picture above is one that I JUST LOVE!!! Thanks Becca.

Meanwhile the weather is cold and rainy today and I turned on my car heater for the first time.

First Sale through Etsy

I was quite surprised last week to receive a note from my PayPal account that a payment had been received for one of my favorite paintings, "Flower Power." (above)

At first I thought I was being scammed. But, when I went to my Etsy store, sure enough, she was sold.

Kind of a nice ending to the week.

3rd Painting Project completed for the Juvenile Probation Dept.

This is a closeup just below the Dixon Arch with the top portion of the old Nachusa House below it.

Debbie and I were asked to work with the kids in the Lee County Juvenile Probation department for the THIRD Time!

The last two times were murals, but this time we created 3 large scale paintings. We also had the kids work with us in the lower level of The Next Picture Show gallery in Dixon.

This is the Presbyterian Church i Dixon at high noon.

We created paintings of 3 different Dixon buildings/landmarks. Totally different from what we've done before. They are 48" x 60".

Two teens and an artist worked on each painting. The third artist being, Arin Thompson.

Treins Jewelry on First St. in Dixon

Soon there will be a gallery opening for these 3 paintings. The kids and their families will get to experience an art show opening. After the show, these paintings will be installed permanently at the Lee County Courthouse.

Life Changes

It's been some months and those who follow me I apologize.

Life does take turns and mine has done that.

At the end of January, I left my marriage and our business. No matter what anyone says. The restaurant business is harder than anything I know. People praise and honor teachers, doctors, nurses...but those jobs are not as hard as being in the restaurant business/ b&b business. No vacations, no benefits, no anything.

In the meantime, my oldest daughter is getting married on Aug. 8. Not that far away! She is getting married on our front lawn and the reception is on our back lawn (yes...it's still my front and back lawn cuz the sale of the inn fell through...arrrgh). Her dress is beautiful. She got it on Etsy.

Ya know...I have shop on Etsy. Sold my first painting this week on Etsy! Woot.

I did start painting 2 weeks ago. But, with summer, work, and my Erin's wedding, that is so on the back burner.

Interesting form of grafiti

Live Action Grafiti

I was shocked to see that I haven't posted here in a month! My apologies.

Between Facebook, Twitter, new job, etc., my blog went the way of the wind!

As for my painting, haven't picked up a brush since my new job started. It's more than full time right now. Love it, but too tired to paint when I get home. I know I've missed entering two shows that I really love, the Phidian Art Show and the women's exhibition at The Next Picture Show, both in Dixon, Illinois.

Body Tagging
As to the video above: this video is from a week or so ago in Cincinnati, OH. What a hoot and could you see yourselves doing something like that in your neck of the woods?

Painting for Dollars!

Woke up this morning, made a pot of coffee, and fired up my laptop to get inspiration on what I am to paint today at the Art for Art's Sake fundraiser for The Next Picture Show in Dixon, Illinois.

I know...why wait until the last minute right? My mind has been so scattered lately and making decisions that are not life and death are put on hold a lot.

I've decided to do a landscape that I've done before. Less worry about the execution in front of lots of people. My daughter, Erin, is coming in from Chicago to paint also. She has a degree in illustration and has a technique and look SO DIFFERENT from me!

Another reason my life is scattered is that I started a new job last week as Director of Sales and Promotions for Capstone Management. This company manages hotels and I'll be working with the Dixon Hotel Group. So far so good, but as in any new job, it's rather stressful learning the ropes and coworker personalities. I think I'll really enjoy it once a month or so rolls around. Also, working full time for someone else is an adjustment after being self employed for 15 years!

Okay...gotta get in the shower and pack up my stuff for the day! Enjoy the weekend everybody.

Radio Station Mural

Debbie and I were asked to do a children's mural for a wall in the General Manager's office (Al Knickrehm) of WIXN of Dixon, Illinois.

General Manager, Capt. Al.

Our student artists: Joel, Abby, Molly

Debbie showed pictures of old-time radios to her classes of 5th and 6th graders. They then drew them out and painted them as imaginatively and colorfully as they wished.

Debbie and I then sorted through them to find the most appropriate for the office wall. We then sketched their drawings in pencil on the wall, composing them into a flowing and interesting mural.

On Friday, at noon, after filling up on Al's pizza, Debbie, me, and 3 great kids (Joel, Molly, and Abby), took to the wall and painted each radio. Once we all got accustomed to what we were doing, it went along like a dream.

After the kids' parents picked them up at 3 p.m., Debbie and I continued on outlining and highlighting the radios.

This makes 8 ... count'em 8 ... murals we've done around the city of Dixon.

Below are the pictures of the day. Click on any image to enlarge.

Debbie and Joel getting started.

Debbie & Abby trying to stay out of each other's way.

Completed mural view 1.

Completed mural view 2.

It's gonna be 50 degrees tomorrow!

In Her Shoes, 18" x 36," acrylic on gessobord

It's Friday evening and there is absolutely nothing on television after 9 p.m. (U.S. Central time). As my dad used to say, "Television is a VAST wasteland."

Got up early this morning all rested and refreshed and had every intention to dive right in to finish my shoe painting. But first I wrote out bills, went through 3 different email inboxes, and in general, pissed away most of my day.

Well, there was a bit of personal drama, but thanks to some very good friends and family (sister and mom), I managed to get by without shedding a tear, well almost anyway. You all know who you are and I will never forget you guys.

After that little bit of strife, I actually finished the shoe painting. The photo is just okay, since the sun had set already and I had to take the photo in less than ideal lighting. I don't use flash when photographing my art ... glare - ugh. So it may be a bit blurry. I will retake the photo tomorrow and will post that pic to my Etsy Shop and my website.

Tomorrow is errand day in Dixon and then to my bff's for a great dinner. We love cooking and laughing together. Her husband's pretty funny too! He had better be, cuz we never hang with Negative Nellies.

Art 4 Art's Sake meeting and a dog named Lady

Yesterday was kind of weird. But I guess it beats being bored.

"Lady" in the window

Had to drive into Dixon for a Y class (body sculpting) and then a fun coffee date with a bunch of the women I take the class with at McDonald's across the street. We were sitting at a booth next to a window being very sophisticated and worldly when we noticed this sweet beagle sleeping on the dashboard of a truck parked right outside. We worried that it was dead ... I know, aren't we a bunch of upbeat fun people. When we saw a tail twitch we all sighed a breath of relief.

One of the gentleman at a booth across from us said it was his dog and he was keeping an eye on her. Her name is Lady and is 3 or 4 years old.

After the interesting coffee, I headed into town to run errands and then out to Grand Detour to meet my daughter so she could use my laptop. She's getting her graphic design/illustration portfolio ready for job hunting. Unfortunately, I don't have InDesign on my laptop and she needed that program. I have CS3, but it's the web package and InDesign wasn't part of it.

We then ran back into Dixon to check out a used furniture place to see what kind of stuff they have for their new apartment in Chicago. And yes, the place was closed. So we ran into Books on First for a quick coffee before I had to get to my meeting at The Next Picture Show for an Art 4 Art's Sake meeting.

Finished wine glasses

This is a large fundraiser coming up 2/28 and we wanted to do something fun as a committee. So we decided to paint wine glasses that can be sold or auctioned off at the fundraiser. We used stained glass paint and several of the members had never painted anything at all. They expressed some nervousness about doing anything like this, but once we opened a couple of bottles of wine and "sampled" the vino, everyone went straight to work. It was so much fun. We finished 48 glasses!

Today, I'm training the Dixon Tourism group on the new website. Wish me luck with that! Once that little job is done, I will be heading home to finish that darn shoe painting (see previous post).

Yep, "shoes" are still in progress

Well, the shoes are slowing taking on lives of their own. Got to my easel again and did my water shoes (for canoeing and kayaking), the blue ones, and got a good jump on the black sling backs. My sexy fun heels.

It's harder than I thought working in acrylics again. since this is 36" wide, the color dries before I can get back and mix and blend. But, I am adjusting. heh

Well, have to run. I heading back to the Y for my kickboxing class. Did the body sculpting this morning. After eating way too much crap at a super bowl party yesterday, I felt a bit of disgust everytime my "muffin top" pushed over the top of my jeans.

Until later...