"In her Shoes," in progress

Step 1: All sketched in and intial toning blocked in.

Step 2: Initial colors

Step 3: One pair down, four to go.

I started this painting on Saturday and got back to it today. Above are the first three steps of this painting. It is 18" x 36" on ampersand gessobord in acrylic.

There is a women's exhibition coming up in a couple of months at The Next Picture Show in Dixon called "Dos: Equis." This is one of the paintings I plan to enter into the jurying.

Lots going on besides the art stuff. There are several committees I'm on, plus family stuff starting to rear its inconvenient head right now. Makes me dizzy. Literally. I've been really dizzy the last couple of days. Probably just stress. Funny, but if I have a glass of wine the dizziness seems to right itself. hmmmmm...interesting.

Reflecting on Andrew Wyeth

I saw this video on YouTube and wanted to share it with you. With his passing this past week, another American artist is gone, but not forgotten (hopefully).

It was a very long weekend for me. Men can really suck sometimes. Thank goodness for my bestest friend in the whole world. Saturday, we drove (in her husband's brand new big red truck) to Freeport, IL to the Freeport Arts Center to pick up free art supplies for her school, The Next Picture Show gallery, and the Phidian Art Club (all in Dixon, IL).

Boy, was that a job. Many very heavy boxes to take down two flights of stairs then many steps in between the center and the truck. And the snow on the ground didn't make it any easier. We were pooped, but the physical exertion was just what I needed to work out my crappy mood. Plus...afterwards we went to lunch and I had the best pumpkin pancakes in the world!!!

We delivered the art supplies to the gallery, with the help of John (bff's husband -- so maybe men aren't all that bad). We went to her school and dropped off the last of all the art stuff.

Went home, peeled off wet jeans and soaked boots (from that darn snow), crawled into bed and took a 3 hour nap. Naps...they do a body good.

Yesterday, I got to go to a birthday get together for my bff's daughter. It was so nice and fun.

TODAY I am setting up still lifes for a show I want to enter (a women's show) called Dos Equis. So, I need to get off this computer and get cracking on doing some art.

Here is another video of one of my favorite painters, Carol Marine. She's a "painting a day" painter and a very successful one at that!

A flurry of activity

"Transfixed," 16" x 20", oil on gessobord

It certainly has been a busy week ... for being unemployed for the first time in almost 30 years. Don't worry, hopefully, if the planets align perfectly, the unemployment situation will clear itself up by next week. More on that later.

The weather has truly been challenging around here lately. Good thing I don't need to commute much. So with the weather being snowy and blowy, the easel has beckoned again. I have so many photos on my computer tucked away waiting to be painted.

The painting above is from last March when the Thompsons and Roses went to Phoenix for vacation. We went to the art museum in Phoenix and I took photos of people looking at paintings. I got away with it until this grumpy guard yelled at me. Since I don't use flash normally, the camera is pretty quite, and I continued on as soon as he went off to harass someone else.

Tonight is a night out with the girls. I just have to wear many, many layers. It's gonna get dangerously cold.

Andy Goldsworthy.... a new discovery

Well, my BFF Debbie and I had a bottle of wine tonight and discussed the issues of Illinois (can you say Blagojevich?) kids, husbands, and favorite artists.

She mentioned Andy Goldsworthy, a man who makes things from nature and then they just disappear. Here is a youtube video of some of his work.

Aww darn it, here's another one. Appreciate the photographer of all of his work.

2009 will bring big life changes

"Living behind a Glass House," 18" x 24", oil on 2" cradled gessobord

Guess what? A bug got up my butt and I actually forced myself to get back to my easel yesterday. We have closed our restaurant and inn for a bit (we have a contract, but it may take awhile for the sale to go through) and I have officially resigned from that part of my life.

So, the first week after the holidays was rather surreal for me. My girls are gone now. The oldest is in Sweden/Bosnia with her fiance. It's his home(s) and he hasn't been there in years. My youngest is starting her last year at University of IL at Chicago. That's not so far away, but she doesn't get home much. As I said in a previous post, my dog passed away this fall, and now my employees (which I used to complain about) are gone. Be careful what you wish for.

The web work I've been doing for a company out of South Dakota has cut my hours way back. Crap. Sorry about the pity party. I'll snap out of it. So, anyway, I did sell a painting the other day and it made me realize that I can't depend on other people for my livelihood. So, it's back to the easel.

I do love still lifes and for some reason had gotten away from them. This still life is from a photo I took a few months ago. I love the challenge of glass and reflections.

The main lesson here is to not look at the glass as a glass, but as an abstract and to paint it as I SEE it, bit by bit. All of a sudden it becomes real. I paint most of my paintings over red cad medium. This one I painted rather quickly (for oils) and left a bit of the red peeking through.