Interesting form of grafiti

Live Action Grafiti

I was shocked to see that I haven't posted here in a month! My apologies.

Between Facebook, Twitter, new job, etc., my blog went the way of the wind!

As for my painting, haven't picked up a brush since my new job started. It's more than full time right now. Love it, but too tired to paint when I get home. I know I've missed entering two shows that I really love, the Phidian Art Show and the women's exhibition at The Next Picture Show, both in Dixon, Illinois.

Body Tagging
As to the video above: this video is from a week or so ago in Cincinnati, OH. What a hoot and could you see yourselves doing something like that in your neck of the woods?

I really need to be getting ready for the show...

Between wiring paintings and putting together my prints for this weekend's show, working at the inn (finally finished the waitstaff schedule through 12/8/07 wooo hooo), and other busy work, I sat down and read some of my favorite artist blogs.

One is Lines and Colors. Mentioned on the blog is daily painter, Qiang Huang, and this YouTube video of one of his paintings. Very nice. Enjoy it.