Northern Hills Alliance for Children Fundraiser TONIGHT

This is the poster created from one of the children's paintings.  This is Gavin's piece.
If you are in the Deadwood, SD area tonight, stop by the Masonic Temple where the silent auction & sale of the children's artwork created a month ago at the First Steps after school day care.  The paintings themselves will be for sale and ALSO note cards and mugs created from these paintings.  Besides the paintings, other children produced the most beautiful photography I've seen in a long time!  The event is this evening, 5pm to 7pm.  Refreshments, wine, music, and art.

Besides the children's art, this event coincides with the BLACK HILLS PAINT OUT!  The plein air painters have been very busy all around the hills and the WET SALE will also be taking place at the Masonic Temple. 

Painting on site & LIVE

Art 4 Art's Sake Fundraiser for The Next Picture Show gallery in Dixon, IL
Saturday, February 23, 2008

Along with 40 artists, I will be painting on site and live on Saturday, Feb. 23 at Commerce Towers in Dixon Illinois.

The artists will start arriving by noon or so, and will be set up to start on paintings (or jewelry, etc.) ranging in size from 20" x 24" to 30" x 40". Each piece of art will cover the broad spectrum of styles -- abstract, impressionism, to realism.

By 6:00 p.m. the ticket-paying public will be arriving to watch the artists in full throttle of their creations. Most people never see this happen. We artists can be a solitude bunch. So, from 6-8 p.m. the public can start bidding silently on each piece of work as they are being created and then just after 8 p.m. each piece will be brought on stage. The LIVE auction then starts at the silent bid high of each painting, jewelry, etc. All of the paintings will be done in a water media or some sort, so they will be dry when the new lucky owners take them home.

Live music by "Flying Fish" will be going strong. Wine, beer, soft drinks, and great appetizers, and sweets will be provided all evening. My restaurant, the Colonial Rose Inn, will be one of the food vendors that evening.

If you're in the area this particular weekend, come by. Tickets are currently being sold at three locations AND you may purchase them at the door that day.

for more detailed information on the event, ticket purchasing info, and a map of course. FYI...the Quality Inn and Comfort Inn (in Dixon, just off I88) are offering discounted rooms to anyone who mentions at the time of reservation, The Next Picture Show!

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Off to Chicago today

We arrived back to Illinois Sunday afternoon. Luckily the weather warmed up quite a bit since we had left for Savannah the week before. Today it's going to be 70!

Today I am going to Chicago's Art Institute with my art teacher friend, Debbie. One of her students, Jacob, won the Illinois State Art Poster contest with a piece of work that was done in Debbie's class. This is the SECOND time one Debbie's kids have won this state award.

Tomorrow, I will be getting back to my easel. I've been itchy to be creative.

Got a call today from an organization wanting me to donate one of my paintings to their art sale fundraiser. How do many of you (artists) feel about this? I have no problem donating to causes I feel personally attached to, but at times some of these organizations treat the artist (unknowingly, of course) as a free meal ticket. I haven't donated to these folks before, but know of them well. A couple of my artist peers have had problems with this organization when their work didn't meet the minimum. They (the artists) wanted there art back since it didn't sell. Both of them were told that since they "donated" it, the art was now theirs. One of the artists said that she just wanted to keep it safe and, if she didn't sell it within the year, would gladly donate it again next year. If it did sell, she would donate another piece. Also, many of these organizations don't tell you how much your work went for or who it went to.

I feel bad saying I probably will cave in, but with the stipulation that if it doesn't sell, I get it back. He's going to check into it. hmmm

Paul Dorrell had a great article on this same subject.