In one day...a world record.

Started a new piece today. It is a 24" x 48" acrylic on canvas. Had my fill of oils for just a bit. Wanted to do something that moves along a bit faster. I love Golden Liquid acrylics because I don't have to add water and the colors are SO brilliant. Also, It forces me to stay loose because with a painting this size, I can't be screwing around making it perfect. The bigger the brush the better.

Step 1: Layed in the painting with a brown/purple acyrlic.

Step 2: Layed in the values to see if I was any where near the mark. This painting is from a digital photo I took in mid-spring of the Rock River in Dixon, Illinois. My friend, Debbie, and I were doing drive-by photo shots of barns earlier and once the sun started setting we headed into Dixon (looking for food like any 2 all-american, mid-western girls would do) and saw the still sunset reflections of the river looking north, just before the old ComEd building and dam. Kinda purty, isn't it?

The world record part? Me finishing something in one day...and the size. This photo (or the one before this really doesn't do it justice, since the glare was obstructing a bit of detail. I tried to minimize the glare with the burn tool in photoshop...but it looks like a trip to my local photographer for a quality scan.

Well...we had a great cool autumn weekend and I got a taste for chicken-fried steak. But unfortunately, the weather spiked to 85 degrees today. The steak was thawed, what's a girl to do? Well, put on the a/c and make chicken fried steak! Tomorrow, cold tuna salad.

What would you eat?

A/ of life's few miracles.

2nd Day's work on Flower Power 2

Coming along...2nd day's work on Flower Power 2, 24" x 24", oil on board

Another busy week with most of it away from the easel. Working at Affinity AV quite a bit this week, mostly in administrative mode instead of web design mode. No big deal. I was as an administrative assistant for years before owning a restaurant and inn. IBM was my favorite. No one can say anything bad about IBM to me. They were great to work for...benefits weren't bad either. Hey...I even got regular PAID vacations. heh

The midwest, particularly northern Illinois, was inundated with continual heavy rain this week. Since we live on a peninsula of the Rock River (river is one block to the west and 3 blocks to the east) we've been watching that little puppy rise every day. Fortunately, we all sit rather high and the lowlands are what took the hit.

I also helped move my daughter into her new place in Chicago on Thursday. Started out sunny and 92 degrees. We went to the storage area and got as much stuff as possible for 2 women to haul up a 2nd floor walkup! As we were shoving the full size mattress up her steps, the first scary storm hit. We were high fiving ourselves on how lucky we were. The second trip back to the house, God got us back. The second storm hit and we both looked like we were prime contestants in a wet t-shirt contest! heh

Today the weather is a gorgeous 78 degrees, sunny, and almost NO humidity. So, I got to paint today. Monday is my normal day, but I have an Affinity meeting in Naperville by 11 a.m. Working with a couple of retired guys from the ad business. They were in their prime in the 60s...see "Mad Men." Two different worlds and starting to clash. We're all making nice and having a meeting to finalize their new commerce website. They understand print advertising and we understand web site development....two different animals.

Jeff just got back from Chicago because he took the last of the big furniture out of storage and they finished the big move in. Time to order some food. Later gators.

There would be world peace if everyone canoed

"Pears on Blue Cloth," oil on gessobord
30" x 30"

What a busy couple of days! Lots of gardening, weeding, working, and now the hamstrings are barking! I finished the pear painting (above). In April, I did this painting for an Alzheimer's benefit in acrylic. Since that was auctioned off, I wanted to do one in oil for an upcoming show. I'm still working on the same size eggplant painting. That one is almost done also, just another couple of hours. I hope to get a whole 2 days this week at the easel. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Yesterday (Sunday), Jeff and I joined John & Debbie Thompson in canoing the Waukerusha River (or creek). This creek rises and falls with every rain. It rained hard on Friday, so the creek was just starting to get low by Sunday. It has lots of small rapids, tubes, and stuff. It took us 4 1/2 hours. There's a rip cord to ride. Of course, Debbie and I did that a couple of times. Only thing is to get a person back across the water, the other one has to pull them in by the attached rope. I think my arms are 3 inches longer!

The creek is so beautiful in its lushness and bluffs. One of the bluffs looks like the face of a lion. It startled me when we came around the bend and saw it. You could see the fish swimming beneath us. Hard to believe that only 40 minutes away from acres and acres of corn fields is this Illinois paradise.
Debbie and I broke in her new canoe. The seats in this one are teak slats and now we have very sore butts! We laughed so hard at times we almost tipped over. Of course, we had a couple beers to keep our spirits up.

This was Jeff's first canoe adventure since, I believe, 7th grade! He and John had a harder time with the shallower water. They are a tad heavier that Debbie and I...heh heh.

I hope to get a lot more of this kind of activity in this year. Last year my schedule didn't allow me to enjoy canoing. We live on the Rock River and the Thompson's are renting a cabin farther up this River this summer. It's a perfect place to stop while canoing down the river. I think I'm going to totally dig this summer.

Jeff and I got home arond 8 pm. It was a "2 Aleve" night. This morning was my first class with a real gung-ho instructor at the Y. It's a body sculpting class and we did a lot of lunges and triceps. I'm taking that 3 mornings a week. I hope I make it through. It took a lot of will power afterwards to go into my studio and paint. I just wanted a nap, but I'm one of those people who can't sleep very well at night when a nap is taken.

Well....time to watch some crappy television and order postcards for the Grand Detour Art Show. We send some to all the artists juried into the show.