Studio time scarce these days

"Her Majesty," 24" x 24" oil on gessobord (unfinished)

Getting into my studio these days has been a problem. Fall brings on more activities that pull me away from the easel unfortunately.

This past Sunday, while the Bears were being absolutely pitiful, I did get into my studio to work for a couple of hours on the painting above. Adjusted some values, and tightened up some of the lines. Although I noticed as I was prepping this photo for today's post, that the window on the lower far right is still not right. That's why I love oils. Once it dries a bit, I'll go in and adjust it a bit. Really don't want to spend a lifetime on this and make it too fussy. It's not meant to be an architectural study.

Today, I'm getting packed to go to on an overnight to Galena, IL for an IEZA (Illinois Enterprise Zone Assoc.) event. I helped with the development of their website earlier this year (and continue to maintain and update it), so one of their members invited me to this function. Doesn't hurt that the member is my best friend's husband. Thanks John.

So, we'll be back in Dixon VERY EARLY due to Debbie's a teacher and I am supposed ot be assisting in a video shoot for a local client. It's my first time doing that, so we'll all have to be good monkies tonight in Galena. Just in case, I'm taking my BIG jar of Advil. heh heh

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Heard through a little birdie that Debbie, Arin, and I might be getting another mural project. Will hear for sure in a couple of weeks. Lots of work, but very rewarding!

Landscape finished

"Com Ed Tree Sculpture: Early Autumn" 30" x 30", oil on gessobord
March 2007

Did you ever need someone to say, "Stop painting! Quit messing with it!"? That's what a lot of us need, don't you think? I was starting to fuss with it, when I just wanted it to remain powerful through its simplicity. Sorry for the bad lighting. There is a bit of glare on this because the light was being fickle in my studio.

I'm getting ready to set up my apple still lifes and try to finish them. Since they are still lifes, I naturally tend to be more realistic with these than landscapes. I really don't know why.

I will post again with the still lifes.

But first, a couple of pictures from a road trip with our friends, the Thompson's, yesterday. We drove to Galena, Illinois (northwest Illinois on the Mississippi River). A rather unique river town with steep bluffs, shops, and nice pubs.

The weather was truly crappy. Rainy and windy, it was a true Spring April Fool's Day. We muddled on though and managed to see some interesting things and have a nice dinner with a couple of visits to different liquor selling establishments.

We were in a rather odd neighboorhood, when we saw a house with 3 heads sitting on the front lawn. It looks like they keep it lit up at night. A block down was a garage done up good ole Uncle Sam colors. I don't wear patriotism on my sleeve, but this building shows that the owners have a sense of humor. There is some kind of animal skull right above the doors.

Later, after a nice, relaxing dinner at Vinny Vanucchi's, we left to head back home. Debbie insisted on stopping in Savanna, IL for a quick beer at Poopy's. A popular, biker bar/restaurant/tattoo parlor. What a hoot. Their website is down for updates and will be up again by 4/4/07. Those people have a sense of humor.