3rd Painting Project completed for the Juvenile Probation Dept.

This is a closeup just below the Dixon Arch with the top portion of the old Nachusa House below it.

Debbie and I were asked to work with the kids in the Lee County Juvenile Probation department for the THIRD Time!

The last two times were murals, but this time we created 3 large scale paintings. We also had the kids work with us in the lower level of The Next Picture Show gallery in Dixon.

This is the Presbyterian Church i Dixon at high noon.

We created paintings of 3 different Dixon buildings/landmarks. Totally different from what we've done before. They are 48" x 60".

Two teens and an artist worked on each painting. The third artist being, Arin Thompson.

Treins Jewelry on First St. in Dixon

Soon there will be a gallery opening for these 3 paintings. The kids and their families will get to experience an art show opening. After the show, these paintings will be installed permanently at the Lee County Courthouse.

Another mural illustration

Illustration #3 for Lee County Mural: the Dixon arch

This one didn't take as much time as the other two (see previous post), obviously, but the hand sketching took some time because folks, arches are HARD. And trying to make it a bit funky and cartoony is even harder.

Have to go into Dixon to work today...have my graphic design hat on today. When I get home, I hope to start on the Franklin Creek grist mill. Here is the photo of it below.

Stay tuned....