Reflecting on Andrew Wyeth

I saw this video on YouTube and wanted to share it with you. With his passing this past week, another American artist is gone, but not forgotten (hopefully).

It was a very long weekend for me. Men can really suck sometimes. Thank goodness for my bestest friend in the whole world. Saturday, we drove (in her husband's brand new big red truck) to Freeport, IL to the Freeport Arts Center to pick up free art supplies for her school, The Next Picture Show gallery, and the Phidian Art Club (all in Dixon, IL).

Boy, was that a job. Many very heavy boxes to take down two flights of stairs then many steps in between the center and the truck. And the snow on the ground didn't make it any easier. We were pooped, but the physical exertion was just what I needed to work out my crappy mood. Plus...afterwards we went to lunch and I had the best pumpkin pancakes in the world!!!

We delivered the art supplies to the gallery, with the help of John (bff's husband -- so maybe men aren't all that bad). We went to her school and dropped off the last of all the art stuff.

Went home, peeled off wet jeans and soaked boots (from that darn snow), crawled into bed and took a 3 hour nap. Naps...they do a body good.

Yesterday, I got to go to a birthday get together for my bff's daughter. It was so nice and fun.

TODAY I am setting up still lifes for a show I want to enter (a women's show) called Dos Equis. So, I need to get off this computer and get cracking on doing some art.

Here is another video of one of my favorite painters, Carol Marine. She's a "painting a day" painter and a very successful one at that!