Still Life with Copper

I got back to a still life of a copper bowl with apples and asparagus on a silver tray that was started a couple of weeks ago.

The picture below is the 2nd day's work. One more day, about an hour, will do it. It got a bit wet and I got tired of looking at I'm still dragging my butt like an alligator from whatever ailment I picked up last week. Don't get me wrong...I feel MUCH better, just a tad punky...can't explain it exactly.

I am a fan of Tracy Helgeson's work and read her blog almost every day. We definitely have different styles, but she has been very forthcoming in her painting techniques whenever anyone asks her about them. Be sure to check out her blog soon! The reason I mention Tracy is that she told me that to finish her oils quickly and then send them to her various galleries, she uses Liquin as a medium with her oils. It makes the paint a bit translucent, very spreadable, and helps the paint dry much more quickly. the 2nd picture I gave Liquin a try. Oh...she also mentioned that Liquin gives the paint a nice even sheen, making it possible to not have to varnish! Now, that is a time saver!

Well, I just fed my dog, Annie, and now I must start getting prepared for a children's acrylic painting class Tuesday and Thursday. It starts at 9 a.m. for 2 hours. Not bad. The last I heard there will be 8 kids. Hopefully, I'll have enough paint and supplies. I took some pics of my zinnias to do large simple closeup paintings of. Three of the choices are just below.

Painting with's a good thing.

"Next to Bill's Place," 16" x 20"
Acrylic on Gessobord

Yesterday (Sun.), Debbie, Mary, and I got together for a painting day at Mary's place. We had such a nice afternoon. The energy that flows when everyone is zeroing in on their own work and just babbling on about any subject that popped into our heads.

Of course, we did have a couple pitches of "Mary's Concoction" that helped loosen lips!

I started -- and finished -- a 16" x 20" acrylic on gessobord that day. The painting was relatively simple and with using acrylics, it just went very quickly. The house in the upper left corner is Debbie's late father-in-law's house. The garden is the next door neighbor's yard. It's always in bloom and I almost caused an accident by pulling my car over so quickly to get a picture. Dangerous, that's what I am.

Mary finished up two 8" x 10" oils. She is an extremely busy woman with a high-pressure job in the city. For her to come out and just find time to paint at her country place is a monumental feat. These two paintings took 3 years to paint. The important thing is, SHE FINISHED with encouragement from the peanut gallery (guess who those people were).

Debbie started a 12" x 30" oil landscape. The view I am showing here is about 3/4's of the way done. She actually did finish this painting in an afternoon. She was in an oil painting workshop the day before and did the same painting but on a different size canvas...more of a 20 x 24 size. She thought the image she was working on would be more interesting in the size show. Good choice.

Tomorrow I'm taking several paintings to a photographer to get quality tiffs and jpegs. I will be featured artist at our local gallery from July 1-15. I'm showing twelve paintings, most of them new. I prefer to have my paintings photographed professionally rather than me dicking around trying to get good sized jpegs without glare and such. I do an okay job for images on the blog and stuff, but for my website and juried shows, the cost is worth having quality stuff.