Some Graphics work

I haven't posted much of my graphic design work in the last year or so. Don't really know why because I almost spend as much time doing this kind of work as my painting.

As I've written many times before, I volunteer at a local non-profit art gallery in Dixon, The Next Picture Show by doing most of their graphic design work (show postcards, website stuff, etc.). The one above announces the upcoming 3D show. The area has many fine sculptors, fiber artists, etc. and they don't get the chance to strut their stuff as much as the area painters and photographers. The back of the card describes the show, the judge, the month's featured artists, and the show running concurrently in the lower gallery.

Today was a back to work day for Affinity AV, now a division of TDG Communications in Deadwood S.D. Weird working all by myself. The place was a royal pig sty when I walked in. The landlord is having all the brick walls cleaned and sealed. Most of the 3 floor building has red brick interior walls and they have been sifting red dust for quite awhile. Unfortunately the workers left the scaffolding up on the top landing along with my desk and office machines in the middle of the room with everything unplugged. Lots of wires every which way. Never fear...managed to get up and running within half an hour.

Jack left quite a mess in his hurry to get packed up for his move. I'll deal with that a little each day. As soon as the walls are finished, this little girl will be vacuuming like there is no tomorrow!