Jumpin' into Autumn

"Rock River Sunset," 24 x 48, acrylic on canvas

Even though it's 90 degrees today (that truly sucks), I was in the mood to start an autumn landscape. But before starting the landscape, I went back to the "Rock River Sunset" painting I started (and thought was finished) last week and gave the large tree on the right some more value adjustments (and in other little places). Now I feel it's finished.

First stage...underpainting

I still have lots of photos I took last year of fields in early autumn along the highways of Illinois and Wisconsin. The reason I'm using last year's photos is because there are hardly any soy bean fields around this year. They always turn a beautiful yellowy-orange before the trees start turning. Due to ethanol demands, the farmers cashed in and planted almost every field with corn. Don't blame them, but it sure isn't as pretty.

Second stage

This photo was taken on a famous trip (see last year in October) a bunch of us took the "rock star party bus" to Wisconsin for Monroe Cheese Days. I got some great highway shots, but the better pictures (or should I say "more fun" pictures) are staying off of this blog! Let's just say that we were asked to LEAVE a brewery tour. Shameful.

3rd Stage....almost done. One more day's work to go!
"Autumn Layers," 24 x 30, oil on board

Well it's time to clean up and make supper. Call me crazy, but I'm turning on the oven to make chicken enchiladas. Have had a taste for them for 2 days.