SOJOURN opens tonight in Dixon

This is the postcard for this 8th Crystal Cork Arts Quarterly opening. The painting featured is called "Iowa Drive-By."

It's hard to believe, but tonight is my first solo show. I've been in juried shows and stuff, but this is a first for me. Also, on my Facebook page, there was a post that one of my pieces has already sold..before the show. Yeah! The show starts at 6 tonight at the Crystal Cork. What is great that this is also a SECOND SATURDAY evening in Dixon. The whole town will be open for art and music events.

It's also bittersweet. My time in Dixon, IL is coming to an end. Hence, the name of the show, "Sojourn." Memorial Day weekend I will be packed up and driving to Rapid City, SD to start life anew and start love anew with Jack. We've made it through a rough year of separation (852 miles to be exact), but soon that issue will be over.

The bittersweet part? I love Dixon. I mean it is the greatest little town with the best friends I could ever have. I'm also leaving my two grown daughters, five sisters (a multitude of great bro-in-laws, nieces, and nephews), and of course, my mom. She has been a true rock for me during the tumultuous couple of years with the ending of my long marriage, being laid off from my job (never had THAT happen before), and other emotional issues.

Good thing is, I will be living in the beautiful Black Hills and getting involved, hopefully, in the arts community there. My art will take on a new look and feel and I hope you will hang in there with me while that transition evolves!

Until later....