I could have been outside enjoying the weather....

"216 W. First St.," 30" x 40", acrylic on canvas

Beeeaaaautttifulll day in Dixon, IL today!

So what do I do with this day? Stay inside and finish this painting. It was a tough one folks. Went out of my comfort zone. I like painting fast and not worrying about the little details. In most landscapes and still lifes, artists can get away with playing around a bit with the details...like ignoring them altogether!

This painting of a building in Dixon needed me to stay on point. Now...for the engineers and architects out there, don't get your undies in a bunch if all the details aren't perfect...like straight lines. This is a painting after all.

I still wanted my touches of saturated color and the play of shadow and light to be the main stars of this work. I have a bunch of photos of buildings in town that I took when the shadows and light were at their peak.

I hope to have one more painting of this type for my show that opens on May 8 at the Crystal Cork in dixon.