It's a blur...

"Driving Home," oil on gallery-wrapped canvas
12" x 24"

For being unemployed, I'm awfully busy. But I'm doing stuff that's actually interesting.

Getting a lot more painting done. Not posting much because, well, it is Christmas time and some folks wouldn't be surprised, would they?

Today I did finish a smallish landscape in oils. Kind of a fun painting. Forgive the photo. I finished this around 3:30 and the light in my place gets a bit wonky and causes glossiness on parts of the work.

I took this photo when I was driving north from Peoria after a food show I attended (for my place of previous employment). Took some back roads and the light was just starting to get low. Surprised I wasn't pulled over because my car tends to weave when doing drive-by photos. As with most of my work, I covered the canvas in cad red first to create a warm glow through the following layers of paint. You may see some of that read peeking through.

I will be posting this on my etsy art shop page and on my website. Be sure to stop by both places as I have updated them. On my website, I have added a new section called "Workshops/Classes." My upcoming classes are now listed.