Update on last painting

"Iowa Drive By," 24" x 30"
oil on gessobord

Note: this is a better image of the painting I posted last week, but I had misplaced (yes, that's what I did) my handy dandy camera. Well, she's back and I am now replacing it with a better image.

Got NOTHING done today. Can't concentrate. Although I did put away all my summer clothes, put away my laundry, and made homemade chicken stock. God, the place smells great.

Also, canceled most of my comcast cable, switched internet providers, argued with my ex husband (but not a lot...just a little), found out my daughter's car was vandalized in Chicago (damn kids), went to the Dixon Chamber of Commerce's BAB (business after business) at Sauk Valley Bank (fun), WON a door prize (some beers and peanuts in a bucket), had some laughs with friends I haven't seen in a long while.....

See...life is full of interesting stuff. Just gotta pay attention.

Oh...and "The Mentalist" is on now. Simon Baker is a god and this show is wonderful. Toodles.