Finished 1 - Starting another

"Leaving Peoria," 18" x 36", oil on gessobord

I finished the lanscape I started a couple of weeks ago. The holiday really cut into studio time. Last week was my last week of working at the hotels. So, I guess I now have some time for painting. People keep telling me that. Only problem is that they have to sell to pay the rent!!!

This piece is titled "Leaving Peoria" because I was driving back home from a food show in Peoria at the end of September this year. There's mostly country highways on the way back to Dixon and the sun was just starting to get low. This painting is definitely more illustration in style and I don't know how I feel about it yet. Kinda like working with the oranges and bold blues. They do bounce off each other.

in progress

Getting back into still life too. After finishing "Leaving Peoria," I started on a floral still life. Haven't done this in ages. This photo I shot over a year ago...almost two! So far I have just the blocking in stages started. I'm enjoying a bit of spring while winter is starting to gain foothold here in the midwest!