Life is SO BUSY!!!

Daddy and His Girls
Morgan, Jeff, Erin

I'm probably not the only one amazed at how fast August has flown by.

My oldest daughter, Erin, got married on August 8. It had been a lovely cool summer here in the midwest. Until the day of the OUTDOOR wedding! It was at least 95 degrees and high humidity. We had large amounts of rain that cleared up late the day before, but then the humidity set in. Luckily we had shade for the ceremony and a nice breeze helped.

Erin was absolutely gorgeous and we had a great, unique wedding. She married a great guy that she met while in school in Savannah GA. He's originally from Sweden and is of Serbian descent. Brilliant, funny, and fits right in with both sides of the family. His immediate family came in from Sweden and Canada, with only a few speaking English! It was a truly international weekend in corn country.

My ex-husband's niece, Becca Pierson, is a fabulous photographer and she provided that service during the wedding.

The picture above is one that I JUST LOVE!!! Thanks Becca.

Meanwhile the weather is cold and rainy today and I turned on my car heater for the first time.