Life Changes

It's been some months and those who follow me I apologize.

Life does take turns and mine has done that.

At the end of January, I left my marriage and our business. No matter what anyone says. The restaurant business is harder than anything I know. People praise and honor teachers, doctors, nurses...but those jobs are not as hard as being in the restaurant business/ b&b business. No vacations, no benefits, no anything.

In the meantime, my oldest daughter is getting married on Aug. 8. Not that far away! She is getting married on our front lawn and the reception is on our back lawn ('s still my front and back lawn cuz the sale of the inn fell through...arrrgh). Her dress is beautiful. She got it on Etsy.

Ya know...I have shop on Etsy. Sold my first painting this week on Etsy! Woot.

I did start painting 2 weeks ago. But, with summer, work, and my Erin's wedding, that is so on the back burner.