3rd Painting Project completed for the Juvenile Probation Dept.

This is a closeup just below the Dixon Arch with the top portion of the old Nachusa House below it.

Debbie and I were asked to work with the kids in the Lee County Juvenile Probation department for the THIRD Time!

The last two times were murals, but this time we created 3 large scale paintings. We also had the kids work with us in the lower level of The Next Picture Show gallery in Dixon.

This is the Presbyterian Church i Dixon at high noon.

We created paintings of 3 different Dixon buildings/landmarks. Totally different from what we've done before. They are 48" x 60".

Two teens and an artist worked on each painting. The third artist being, Arin Thompson.

Treins Jewelry on First St. in Dixon

Soon there will be a gallery opening for these 3 paintings. The kids and their families will get to experience an art show opening. After the show, these paintings will be installed permanently at the Lee County Courthouse.