Painting for Dollars!

Woke up this morning, made a pot of coffee, and fired up my laptop to get inspiration on what I am to paint today at the Art for Art's Sake fundraiser for The Next Picture Show in Dixon, Illinois.

I know...why wait until the last minute right? My mind has been so scattered lately and making decisions that are not life and death are put on hold a lot.

I've decided to do a landscape that I've done before. Less worry about the execution in front of lots of people. My daughter, Erin, is coming in from Chicago to paint also. She has a degree in illustration and has a technique and look SO DIFFERENT from me!

Another reason my life is scattered is that I started a new job last week as Director of Sales and Promotions for Capstone Management. This company manages hotels and I'll be working with the Dixon Hotel Group. So far so good, but as in any new job, it's rather stressful learning the ropes and coworker personalities. I think I'll really enjoy it once a month or so rolls around. Also, working full time for someone else is an adjustment after being self employed for 15 years!

Okay...gotta get in the shower and pack up my stuff for the day! Enjoy the weekend everybody.