It's gonna be 50 degrees tomorrow!

In Her Shoes, 18" x 36," acrylic on gessobord

It's Friday evening and there is absolutely nothing on television after 9 p.m. (U.S. Central time). As my dad used to say, "Television is a VAST wasteland."

Got up early this morning all rested and refreshed and had every intention to dive right in to finish my shoe painting. But first I wrote out bills, went through 3 different email inboxes, and in general, pissed away most of my day.

Well, there was a bit of personal drama, but thanks to some very good friends and family (sister and mom), I managed to get by without shedding a tear, well almost anyway. You all know who you are and I will never forget you guys.

After that little bit of strife, I actually finished the shoe painting. The photo is just okay, since the sun had set already and I had to take the photo in less than ideal lighting. I don't use flash when photographing my art ... glare - ugh. So it may be a bit blurry. I will retake the photo tomorrow and will post that pic to my Etsy Shop and my website.

Tomorrow is errand day in Dixon and then to my bff's for a great dinner. We love cooking and laughing together. Her husband's pretty funny too! He had better be, cuz we never hang with Negative Nellies.