Art 4 Art's Sake meeting and a dog named Lady

Yesterday was kind of weird. But I guess it beats being bored.

"Lady" in the window

Had to drive into Dixon for a Y class (body sculpting) and then a fun coffee date with a bunch of the women I take the class with at McDonald's across the street. We were sitting at a booth next to a window being very sophisticated and worldly when we noticed this sweet beagle sleeping on the dashboard of a truck parked right outside. We worried that it was dead ... I know, aren't we a bunch of upbeat fun people. When we saw a tail twitch we all sighed a breath of relief.

One of the gentleman at a booth across from us said it was his dog and he was keeping an eye on her. Her name is Lady and is 3 or 4 years old.

After the interesting coffee, I headed into town to run errands and then out to Grand Detour to meet my daughter so she could use my laptop. She's getting her graphic design/illustration portfolio ready for job hunting. Unfortunately, I don't have InDesign on my laptop and she needed that program. I have CS3, but it's the web package and InDesign wasn't part of it.

We then ran back into Dixon to check out a used furniture place to see what kind of stuff they have for their new apartment in Chicago. And yes, the place was closed. So we ran into Books on First for a quick coffee before I had to get to my meeting at The Next Picture Show for an Art 4 Art's Sake meeting.

Finished wine glasses

This is a large fundraiser coming up 2/28 and we wanted to do something fun as a committee. So we decided to paint wine glasses that can be sold or auctioned off at the fundraiser. We used stained glass paint and several of the members had never painted anything at all. They expressed some nervousness about doing anything like this, but once we opened a couple of bottles of wine and "sampled" the vino, everyone went straight to work. It was so much fun. We finished 48 glasses!

Today, I'm training the Dixon Tourism group on the new website. Wish me luck with that! Once that little job is done, I will be heading home to finish that darn shoe painting (see previous post).