"In her Shoes," in progress

Step 1: All sketched in and intial toning blocked in.

Step 2: Initial colors

Step 3: One pair down, four to go.

I started this painting on Saturday and got back to it today. Above are the first three steps of this painting. It is 18" x 36" on ampersand gessobord in acrylic.

There is a women's exhibition coming up in a couple of months at The Next Picture Show in Dixon called "Dos: Equis." This is one of the paintings I plan to enter into the jurying.

Lots going on besides the art stuff. There are several committees I'm on, plus family stuff starting to rear its inconvenient head right now. Makes me dizzy. Literally. I've been really dizzy the last couple of days. Probably just stress. Funny, but if I have a glass of wine the dizziness seems to right itself. hmmmmm...interesting.