A flurry of activity

"Transfixed," 16" x 20", oil on gessobord

It certainly has been a busy week ... for being unemployed for the first time in almost 30 years. Don't worry, hopefully, if the planets align perfectly, the unemployment situation will clear itself up by next week. More on that later.

The weather has truly been challenging around here lately. Good thing I don't need to commute much. So with the weather being snowy and blowy, the easel has beckoned again. I have so many photos on my computer tucked away waiting to be painted.

The painting above is from last March when the Thompsons and Roses went to Phoenix for vacation. We went to the art museum in Phoenix and I took photos of people looking at paintings. I got away with it until this grumpy guard yelled at me. Since I don't use flash normally, the camera is pretty quite, and I continued on as soon as he went off to harass someone else.

Tonight is a night out with the girls. I just have to wear many, many layers. It's gonna get dangerously cold.