Magical Trees and Gardening

A couple of the finished "magical trees."

I misnamed the tree mural we were working on last Friday. They are called "Magical Trees," not "Happy Trees."

So anyway...last Friday afternoon, around 10 talented young ladies helped Debbie, Arin, and I paint the tree drawings done by Debbie's students. Debbie and I sketched them out the day before.

Once we got the tarps down, paints doled out, and instructions given, the kids went straight to work. Most of them were a riot. Girls are talky, talky creatures and boy, when they start raising their voices in a cement stairwell, it causes ringing in the ears!

We always keep the color black out of any kids' hands. Children seem to love to overdo black or mix it in every color, thus making a muddy mess. This little rule does have an advantage also. "Well, how do I make this purple darker, etc.," kind of questions give us the chance to teach them how to mix complimentary colors and such to get a much more desirable dark of any hue they are working with.

More trees.

They tend to remember this too. Don't know why...but they do.

We finished up around 4:00. That's when their rides came to pick them up at the hospital.

After the kids left, Debbie, Arin, and I did some highlighting and outlining of each of the trees...a final polishing touch. Then we were off to Debbie's veranda for a couple of cold ones and some Thai and sushi.

Sunday, after the last of our inn guests checked out, Jeff and I headed outside to start (finally) on some of our flower beds. The weather and timing have been working against us this year. So, on this day, it was sunny and just the right temperature for busting our butts weeding, splitting over grown perennials, and composting. I think it got to around 70 degrees. After around 7 hours of that nonsense, Jeff got to burn stuff (his favorite thing) and I made a big old fat pizza.

So, we finished 3 long flowerbeds by the restaurant. We have another 12 or 13 to go. Groannnn.

Today, we worked on the 2 big beds in front of the inn. That wild ginger is a curse. It can't be pulled out, but has to be dug up and they are all intertwined with some of the perennials. Curses. Only lasted a few hours today.

Got another special bonus from upper-butt area got good and sunburned. The only place I didn't put sunblock. You know the area, between the bottom of your shirt and the top of your pants.

After that, I thought a visit to my studio and doing some varnishing of some of the finished paintings lying around was in order.

Tomorrow is the Spring Luncheon for the Phidian Art Club. It also is the awards ceremony for the Literary Competition that takes place each year. I am the chair of this year's competition and will have to speak at this thingy. I'd rather get teeth pulled than speaking in public. But, the women on this committee with me are the best and we have a great time together. So, we're all taking turns doing some of the speaking and presenting.

Another good thing....I get to wear one of my new spring dresses. It's so girly and cute.

Until later.