It's going to be a "Happy Tree" kind of day!

Debbie in deep concentration on the "burning bush."

Yesterday afternoon, Debbie and I went to KSB Hospital and started sketching out some of her students "happy trees" that will be painted today by the kids and artists, side by side.

We just used black marker to draw the images. Any goof-ups will be covered by paint. Gotta love opaque paint.

A couple more trees.

We left the kids' paintings taped to the wall for the evening. Figured not too many people would actually be mean enough to steal these. The people of KSB are some of the nicest I've ever met. This is the 4th mural we've done with the kids at the request of the hospital.

More trees...

I forgot how many kids were helping today. Sometimes when there a few too many, it gets a little bit hairy, with paint going everywhere, noise level rising (especially in a cement block stairwell), and general goofiness will ensue. But, of course, that's half the fun.

Stay tuned to see the finished work!