Grist Mill illustration

Franklin Grove Grist Mill: illustration for Lee County Courthouse

I meant to post the illustration above earlier, but my meeting last evening ran long. Actually, it probably ran the right length of time, but when one of our committee members mentioned she wanted to be home in time for "Boston Legal," there was a general concurrence among all of us that this is one great show.

So, we happened to have a bottle of cabernet available and our lovely hostess made some popcorn. All in all...a lovely impromptu evening. Boston Legal was great too.

The Lee County Courthouse mural is in the final stages of organizing and getting grants and such. So, before we get our hands dirty with that one, Debbie, Arin, and I are undertaking a volunteer project with some of her middle school students.

A few of the students "happy trees" paintings spread over my office floor.

KSB Hospital has asked us and the students again (for the 4th time!) to continue a new set of paintings in one of their stairwells. We already have done two sets in this particular stairwell. The intention is to provide incentive for their employees to take the stairs instead of the elevators.

This year's murals will be inspired by the kids' paintings of fanciful "happy" trees. Debbie came by my office late morning today to help her pick out the most expressive trees. This afternoon, I'll be joining her in the hospital's stairwell to draw them on the walls.

Tomorrow, Debbie's daughter Arin, will join us along with several students to get these puppies painted! We'll get this done in a day...a long day, but still just a day.

Until later...