Now that the feeling is back in my arms....

"Grand Old Apples," 16 x 20, oil on gessobord

This morning I started a new session at the Y in body sculpting with a different instructor. I've taken her classes before, but just usually during the summer because my exercise buddies are teachers, and they can't take this in the a.m. Unfortunately, the 5:45 p.m. sessions were getting blown off with too much regularity during this winter. Either conflicting meetings, worked too late, or just lost motivation when the weather was really crappy. Also, the night time instructor, although a wonderful girl, was not as intense and her exercises rarely changed.

BUT, and this is a big BUT, the morning session is like boot camp and I relearned the intensity of this workout. After arriving home and downing a bowl of Special K, it took an hour before I could lift my arms comfortably. Seriously.

So...the apples on stripes got finished today. Almost quit about 2 hours into it. Cause I wasn't into it! Always happens. So looking for inspiration, I flipped on a DVR recording of Oprah to help me get my butt in motion. My tv girlfriend. Then the 2nd wind kicked in and the crappy part of the painting started to make way for the good stuff. It's kinda bright, isn't it?

Now dinner awaits preparation. arms are getting hhhheeeeeaaaaavvvvyyyyyy.