Phoenix, Cubbies, and Betty

Chicago Cubs Spring Training Still Life

Our trip has been a blast with a capital "b" so far. We left on Sunday from O'Hare. The flight and the connecting flight in Salt Lake City went off flawlessly. Everything has been as smooth as silk so far.

Yesterday, Monday, we went to Mesa to see the Cubs play the Texas Rangers. Earlier that morning we had the BEST BREAKFAST ever and then when the husbands (the boys) went to the golf shop to do boy stuff, we wandered over to a day spa and had the BEST PEDICURES ever. Mine was a Chocolate pedicure. Yep...that is what vacations are all about. As you can see in the photo above, I composed a still life of our lovely feet on the GREEN grass of our lawn seats at the game and of course, the beverage of choice.

Young Cheerleader

This little girl was the hit of our section of lawn seats. Not a peep out of her, just running up and down the small hill where we were sitting and chasing a rubber ball. Simple joy.

The new, other woman in our lives, "BETTY."

This past Christmas I bought this Garmin GPS unit for my husband. Debbie and I named her Betty. She has been a real trooper getting us everywhere since arriving in Phoenix. She got us turned around once during rush hour, but she "recalculated" quickly and we were right back on track.

We be lovin' our Betty.