Phoenix Bound

"Left Leaning Lily"
18" x 24", oil on gessobord

It took two weeks, but I finally finished the Lily painting above. This lily was one of the flowers in my 26th wedding anniversary bouquet. Believe it or not, that green wall is my studio wall and some may feel that's a distracting color for a studio, but I find it stimulating, especially when the day is particularly dreary. No napping here!

My husband and friends (yes, the Thompsons), surprised me this week with the announcement that we are taking a one week vacation to Phoenix. We'll be there in time for the last week of Cub's spring training! Cool. It's my husband's present to me for my 50th birthday. This absolutely blew me away because last Saturday, 3/8, almost a week after my birthday, he threw me a surprise party. I've never, ever had a birthday party before and this one was a doozy. He, my daughters, and the Thompsons, all were in cahoots. It was held at the Thompsons. All 5 of my sisters and my mom were there, my inlaws, and close friends. Oh yeah, lots of wine and food too!

So...I won't be doing much posting Easter Week. We leave Easter afternoon.

Tomorrow Debbie and I are to go clothes shopping...I've got a bit of a cold today, but I'll muddle through it...heh. Also, busy week with meetings (a couple of art boards) and it's Jack's (my boss) last week in Illinois. The week we're in Phoenix, he and his family are moving to South Dakota. So we have lots to do client wise before we're both out of commission for a week.

Until next...