Back from Phoenix and Back to Winter

16" x 20", oil on gessobord

We got home last night. Great vacation. Recommend it highly. Everything went so smoothly until the last leg of our trip. Almost got bumped and thanks to a good Samaritan, who gave up his seat, we made it back to Chicago. Unfortunately, Jeff's golf clubs and ALL of the Thompson's bags went on to Cincinnati! My two big bags made it home....yeah.

Sedona was wonderful and beautiful. I'll post some pics in another post. Tempe was fun. Went to a great brew pub.

Slept in like a baby today.

I managed to paint a quick barn landscape using very little detail and thinned down oils with Liquin. I didn't want to bog myself down today with loads of detail and just wanted to ease back into working at my easel. Don't know if I'm crazy about this piece, but I do enjoy the feel of light on the objects. You know, just noticed that the title of this piece, "Crossroads," is exactly what my life is right a crossroads...hmmm.

Monday is my first day working without my boss Jack in the office. He's now in South Dakot a with his family and starting working at his new office. But, from my business email, I see he's currently sending me files and work directives (on a Sunday no less). Oh's a new day tomorrow and life is full of changes.