Road trip with Ethel

Didn't have a painting to show this week, so I will share "Harry."

Long day today, but fun. Most of our acquaintances call my friend Debbie and I, Lucy & Ethel. We HAVE THAT MUCH FUN together almost all the time.

This coming Saturday, 2/23 is the "Art 4 Art's Sake" fundraiser for The Next Picture Show. We're both on the planning committee. Lots of work and details to take care of. The whole committee is praying for a great turnout.

Anyhooo...she and I drove up to Rockford to pick up a few last minutes paint supplies for the event (discussed here). First we stopped in Oregon, IL at the Dragonfly Studios. Kim, the owner and wonderful jeweler, decided to close the gallery so she can get back to working on her art. I had 4 paintings there and needed to get them.

By the way, the temperature is around 12 degrees and windy. Brrrrrrrr. So then we continue to Rockford and start filling up my van with all our shopping stuff. Stopped at Five Forks for a great lunch (and a little bit o'wine!). We heard about a great new grocery stop way north of Rockford and headed up there. I tell ya, the van was bursting at the seams and the weather was getting windy and colder.

We got back to my house by 4:45, unloaded all of Ethel's stuff into her car and then I made supper for the husband and myself.

Not a lick of art done today. Sorry about that.

I did pick out my subject that I will be painting for the fundraiser. Most likely will be some kind of barn and landscape. They sell pretty well in this neck of the woods.

If you're in the area, drop by and purchase a ticket!