Museum of Modern ICE in Chicago

A closeup of one of the pieces of "watercolor" ice.

If you're in the Chicago area this month, YOU HAVE TO check this out! Go to Museum of Modern Ice's website to see the photo gallery of Gordon Halloran's (a fine Canadian) work. Here's an article about Halloran!

Read below some details on this work of art in ice!

Situated behind Millennium Park’s famous Cloud Gate sculpture, Halloran will create his largest and most spectacular installation to date, a monumental and colorful ice wall measuring 95 feet long and nearly 12 feet tall.

One side, visible from Michigan Avenue, echoes the city’s renowned skyline. The other side—full of color, complexity and variety—is meant to be interactive and seen in close proximity. Inspired by a glacial wall in its final stages of movement toward the ocean, the installation will evolve over time with natural and planned changes, encouraging visitors to return frequently to observe the activity.

Halloran’s ice paintings use portable refrigeration technology: modular aluminum plates that efficiently conduct the cold. These tabletop-size plates assembled into different configurations help in crating, displaying and maintaining the ice works, regardless of temperatures.