Landscape, Evil Weather, and unexpected Honor

"Passing By"
24" x 18", oil on gessobord

Didn't get into the studio until after 1 p.m. today. My youngest came home from Chicago Saturday and I drove her to the train this morning to catch the 8:49. The weather, as usual, was unbelievably disgusting. We got another 5" of snow yesterday evening...which by the way wasn't even in the forecast. Imagine the surprise of people leaving their super bowl parties with all that snow. We were smart and stayed home.

By the amount of cars in the ditch on the way to the train, the roads must have been pure evil.

Today, it's foggy and we're having thunderstorms. Spring seems so far away!

The landscape above was done in one studio session today. My ease with landscapes is getting greater, but this one, although I like it, seems a tad off. It's signed, but we'll just let this little puppy sit for a couple of days and maybe the reason it seems off will become evident. If it's just me being a bit on the whacked side, then I'll just leave it be. Just below is the painting with the first stages of painting.

Okay...a bit of bragging is about to happen. Last Thursday I came home from work and found a letter from the Illinois Alliance for Arts Education (IAAE). It announced that I am being awarded the IAAE Artist Award for my work with the Authentic Artist program with 5th & 6th graders of Reagan Middle School and mural work with the Juvenile Probation Program (both of Dixon, IL). I was nominated by teacher and bff, Debbie Thompson. Awards will be presented at the IL state capitol on March 11. Pretty cool.