What's next, locust?

"Order Up," 24" x 36", oil on gessobord

Last Wednesday the weather was zero. Today it's 65. It's thundering and hailing. Tornado warnings are being announced now. My snow is all gone. It now looks like Beruit outside. Keep an eye out for locust.

Finished up the painting above and named it "Order Up." The kitchen staff in our restaurant were plating up a dinner party of around 50 ppl when this was taken. My husband is in the white ball cap.

Just cleaned up my studio so I can start dinner. Hopefully, I can run back up to the studio to set up some still lifes. Knowing me however, that might just fizzle after supper. You know, full stomach and all. But I hear there's ANOTHER football game on tonight. Boredom may get me back to work.

I am featured exhibiting artist member (for the local gallery) from Jan. 16-31. I want to get a couple more new pieces ready for the show. We'll see.

Another weather alert just came over the radio. I will never have a house without a full basement. Oh, I just remembered...my husband left a couple of hours ago to go hit some balls at the golf course. It's been raining. Where the heck is he? geez