2008: New Year resolutions

Happy New Year from the Rose's in Grand Detour, Illinois!
This is a view of the front of our inn and our little cottage (far left).

Well, it's 2008 and time to get my rear in gear. I've been away from my easel because my studio became a bedroom for one of my visiting daughters. Plus, with running the restaurant and inn these last 2 weeks during the NEVER-ENDING holiday season was a big priority.

We had lots of snow at the end of the year and particularly on New Year's Eve itself. Only one table canceled, which was amazing. We were sold out otherwise. The roads in Ogle County were some of the least plowed, but the customers were very cool about it!

Today, I have to take 2 paintings to The Next Picture Show gallery that have been juried into the "River Reflections" show that opens on Friday, the 4th. Also, I have 2 meetings at the same gallery, back to back. Volunteer stuff.

2008 Resolutions
  1. Get MORE time in the studio. Whatever it takes.
  2. Sell the restaurant and inn. We have a good realtor, now it's up to them to get it done!
  3. Take workshops with artists I admire from OUT of the area. Maybe Carol Marine or Karin Jurik.
  4. Find a paying job that will assist me in doing some of the above.
  5. Drop some volunteer work and NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT.