Ice Storm vs. Snow Storm

the sketch

2nd stage...that's it for today, 36" x 24", oil on board

I vote for snow storm. Much easier to drive in! Last Thursday, Jeff and I catered a local Chamber of Commerce Christmas party at the director's house and it started snowing just as we left our place with all the food to go to their place. By the time we got there it was almost whiteout conditions and we started, what if no one comes?

There we all were -- the 5 of us -- sitting there with all this great food and cases and cases of wine and beer. I think we would have been fine if no one came...heh heh. But, almost everyone came and a good time was had by all.

Today we're in the midst of an ice storm that's supposed to get really snarky tomorrow. So, I'll spend another day at the easel instead of driving into Dixon to work.

Speaking of easel, I started on a figurative study (above). It's Jeff (in white baseball hat) and some of our staff plating up a private party in our restaurant kitchen. I don't do too many figurative paintings, but do them occasionally to keep me from getting rusty. I would have gotten farther along, but I decided to make my Italian gravy today and that takes a bit of's called procrastinating about going into my studio.