Thanksgiving done...Christmas well on its way.

Well, trying to do any painting is certainly becoming impossible. I was hoping to do some today, but I had to finish the xmas decorating.

Front parlor...the tree skirt is somewhere in the house!

Saturday I did our restaurant's bar/lounge, and 2 public dining rooms. Three trees, 2 fireplace mantles, lots of window pictures of that though. After the last bit was done, I just poured a glass of wine and walked out the door to go home! The day before, my husband, and 2 daughters (both home for the holiday) went to a local tree place and purchased an 11' Frazier Fir for the front room of our bed & breakfast. The ceilings are 12' in there.

Front parlor mantle...the Santa collection is actually put to good use.

So, today I did that tree (almost 900 lights!) and the mantles of both the front parlor and formal dining room. The dining room is where we serve breakfast to our guests.

Looking into the dining room.

We have the whole place (restaurant and all) up for sale and I hope and pray with all my heart that this is the last time I have to do this. Shall we say that the joy is gone and when that happens it's time to get out.