Old Boys Club Wannabee

"Old Boys Club" 16" x 20" oil on board

On Saturday, I attended a "free paint" one day oil painting workshop by Michael Gerry at The Next Picture Show gallery in Dixon.

It was the first time I could attend one of these because Saturdays are not normally available for me. But this time, I disregarded that and decided to take my art life back and actually put it on the front burner!

The class was a lot of fun where I got to meet some new people and get reaquainted with Mike. Mike used to be a neighbor of mine here in Grand Detour. He is very well know for his large, detailed closeups of flowers. Click to go to one of his galleries to see some of his work.

There were five of us in class with a wide range of experience levels. We got to paint what we wanted, which is what I really wanted to do. I picked an onion still life on a 16" x 20" board.

My challege was to do an oil in one sitting. The challenge was met and accomplished. Debbie attended the class with me and she did her first ever color oil portrait (of her son Chris). The finished piece is fabulous. She caught the likeness of Chris amazingly well.

This is (I think) a 36" x 36" oil of a peony by Michael Gerry. Cool huh?

The other 3 students did landscapes and they all managed to finish (well mostly) and their pieces are excellent.

We gabbed and laughed a lot. At lunch we ducked out the back door to the Alley Loop...a local bar/deli. We got to know each other over Crazy Cuban sandwiches....mmmmmmmm.

By 4:00 we pretty much wound things up. All in all a great day. I look forward to other workshops.