Childrens' Guest Artist Program -- Day 1

Today was the first day of the 3-day "Guest Artist" program at Reagan Middle School in Dixon, Illinois. This is my 3rd year doing the painting program. We are doing fun fruit/vegetable still lifes. There are 6 classes of kids every day doing 6 paintings.

The first day of painting for each class was blocking in the painting by starting the background first and maybe some shadow blocking in. If the class was a quieter class, we moved on to starting the actual fruit/vegetable. Boy, does listening make a world of difference. Kids that talk too much, or daydream a bit are a lot farther behind. AND if the class has more of the chatty Kathys than the quieter ones, the whole class stays behind.

Debbie Thompson is their teacher (and my best friend). She has the patience of a saint. We've done this so often, that we have a real system down now.

I'll post more as the week goes on. I started out taking pictures, but as the day wore on, with all the brush cleaning, palette reloading, and spill clean ups, I forgot about grabbing a camera.

Stay tuned for more kid art this week.