In one day...a world record.

Started a new piece today. It is a 24" x 48" acrylic on canvas. Had my fill of oils for just a bit. Wanted to do something that moves along a bit faster. I love Golden Liquid acrylics because I don't have to add water and the colors are SO brilliant. Also, It forces me to stay loose because with a painting this size, I can't be screwing around making it perfect. The bigger the brush the better.

Step 1: Layed in the painting with a brown/purple acyrlic.

Step 2: Layed in the values to see if I was any where near the mark. This painting is from a digital photo I took in mid-spring of the Rock River in Dixon, Illinois. My friend, Debbie, and I were doing drive-by photo shots of barns earlier and once the sun started setting we headed into Dixon (looking for food like any 2 all-american, mid-western girls would do) and saw the still sunset reflections of the river looking north, just before the old ComEd building and dam. Kinda purty, isn't it?

The world record part? Me finishing something in one day...and the size. This photo (or the one before this really doesn't do it justice, since the glare was obstructing a bit of detail. I tried to minimize the glare with the burn tool in photoshop...but it looks like a trip to my local photographer for a quality scan.

Well...we had a great cool autumn weekend and I got a taste for chicken-fried steak. But unfortunately, the weather spiked to 85 degrees today. The steak was thawed, what's a girl to do? Well, put on the a/c and make chicken fried steak! Tomorrow, cold tuna salad.

What would you eat?

A/ of life's few miracles.