Grand Detour Arts Festival enjoys good weather and great crowd

"Venetian Shadows," 20" x 24", oil on canvas

"Peonies Showing Off," 20" x 16", oil on board

Yesterday was the 59th Grand Detour Arts Festival. The heat and humidity from earlier in the week was gone and cooler and drier weather greeted both artists and the public alike. Last year we had drizzly rain all day and the year before that the heat was in the mid 90s.

What's nice about this show is that artists are allowed to setup their tents the day before the show, with the knowledge that the John Deere Historic Site does not provide security after it shuts down in the evening. So, the day of the show, exhibitors just need to bring in their work and set up right away. Much less hassle.

Only thing that was kind of snarky were the blasted mosquitos. We're on a river peninsula and we had a lot of standing water for a couple of weeks when the river was very high. Perfect breeding ground. I did take citronella candles and had them burning most of the day. Worked pretty darn good.

My booth location was great. All shade...all the time. I sold two originals (woo hoo). They are pictured above, several prints, and lots of art note cards. That was topped off with an award for Best Oils.

Today, I'm on the couch resting my tired legs. Doing these kind of shows is exhausting. Kind of like your own wedding day when you have to be "on" all the time and be sure to talk to everyone that comes by.

Well...back to reality. We have a full house of bed & breakfast checking in today around noon. Then they are having a private dinner in our restaurant this evening. Monday is supposed to be a day we take off, but if the customer is willing to pay a minimum amount for us to open up, then we're back in business. Jeff is being a sweetheart by cleaning the bedrooms this morning so I can chill for awhile. He just left to go play golf. So, I need to throw some clothes on and go to the inn to wait for the check-ins. Maybe I'll start a new painting today....