Plugging away at Flower Power

All of our plans to go to the Sweet Corn Festival in Mendota fell through today (Sunday) and so it was a great time to tackle Flower Power for a 2nd day of painting. Also, the weather was to be around 95 degrees and high humidity. No amount of beer and free sweet corn on the cob will make that comfortable for watching a parade.

This painting session I lightened the lights and darkened the darks quite a bit. The "crappy look" that was bugging me in my last post is starting to seep away. Still have to really tackle that flower, but the cup is coming along. Need to work on the reflections and the rim of the cup seems kinda wobbly.

Good week in sales also. Sold a big one I thought would never go...."Primary Colors." The next day, a friend and collector called and wants the last still life I just finished, "Still Life with Copper Bowl" (she saw it on my blog before I had a chance to post it to my website) and a human study called, "Saturday Night Rush." The last one is on a "layaway plan", heh. It works for me and her!

Well, gotta clean up. Jeff, Morgan, and I are actually doing a FAMILY thing together. We're running out to see the movie, "The Simpsons," and then out to Willy's for Mexican and BIG AS YOUR HEAD Marghueritas! That's what my newly 21-year-old daughter calls them. So what sounds better than that on a hot August afternoon? Not much.