Still life heaven

I started two 30" x 30" still lifes on gessobord. My last post I couldn't decide on what I was going to use...acrylic or oils. I decided on oils. Don't know why, just did. Just below is the start of an eggplant still life and a pear still life. I got farther along on the eggplant painting then the pear one. My dog, Annie needed a walk and a swim in the river. Beautiful night. She just loves the river. During our walk, we picked up another stroller, Theo, a Chesapeake retriever. He's a bit of a wildman, but he seems to like me. He tends to snarl at other dogs, but he minds me. Strange. Met another sweet dog, Patches. Her owner, Ray, is a sweet guy too. I should take walks more often!

phase 1: eggplant

phase 2: eggplant

phase 1: pears

phase 2: pears

You might recognize the pear still life. I did this for the Alzheimers benefit in April in acrylics. I had to finish it in one day. This one is for me. In oils.

I'm trying to type this while watching "Babel." Not easy. Kind of intense.

I really digging the gessobord. Said before. Will keep saying it. They are great to paint on. I normally ge tthe best price from Jerry's Artarama. A couple of weeks ago I ordered some 18 x 36, 24 x 24, and 16 x 20. The 16 x 20s were out of stock. The others came in, but the 24 x 24s came in as 30 x 30s. Luckily I wasn't charged more.

Got tired of waiting for the 16 x 20s, so I ordered them from Cheap Joes. A bit more, but at least they have them!