Eggplant done! Now it's time for a movie and pie.

"Laying Down on the Job", 30" x 30"
Oil on Board

Another still life done. First time for eggplants. Kinda pears. My light fluctuated quite a bit today. We had some pretty powerful thunderstorms come through with periods of sun breaking through. Glad for the rain. It's been well over a week since the last rain and the weather has been in the 90s for the last few days. I'm not big on heat...nope. I'm definitely a fall and winter kind of gal.

Well, it's time to clean up the studio and me. Going to Debbie's with a goofy romance comedy, "Music & Lyrics," (thank you Netflix) and we had a whole pie left over from our restaurant. It's called Aunt Gurley Mae's Key Lime Pie. It's a recipe of Jeff's great aunt and it is a thing of beauty. Maybe I should paint it. heh