Here is a clever young man

I saw this youtube video on ArtBizBlog by artist John Unger. He is a sculptor and wanted to find a way to show his work on site at his customers' homes and/or businesses. Very clever.

Here are John's words about his video:

My original plan was just to upload some footage of the fire pit with both gas and wood fires so people could see what it looked like, but then I took it a little step further to give the piece some serious entertainment value as well. I interspersed video with photos of customers and locations to give a better picture of who it is that buys the art as well as why. And since it's a pretty diverse crowd (from a lesbian couple who put it in a stone circle, to restaurants, to the Catholic Archdiocese of chicago, to neighbors and families) I think it's worth getting that message out there. People like to know that other people like what they like, right?

Choreographing live flame to dance to the beat is tricky, but it sure looks cool. Let me know what you think. If this takes off at all, I think I'll do a whole series of rockin' art videos.