Finishing up one, starting two....

"Still Life in Striped Bowl"
24" x 30", oil on canvas
Sold to private collection in Atlanta, GA

Last week was a ball-buster. I didn't get a chance to walk up to my studio. Can you hear the pity party?

Well, we did it we listed our property for sale this past Monday (5/21). Here's to positive thinking. I can't bear another fall/holiday season. Even Jeff has starting feeling that way.

Our rooms were full over the weekend with family for the wedding reception we did. It was a beautiful party. The weather cooled by the weekend and even though it rained, no one's spirits were dampened.

So, today back at the studio.

I finished up this barn. Took only 20 minutes, but it's done. It's an oil on gessobord, 12" x 12".
The barn is located on the northern edge of Dixon, Illinois. TNPS will be having a juried competition titled, "Farms & Barns" this fall. So, I'm getting a few ready ahead of time. Yep...I'm actually getting something done early. Stop the presses.

Now, in that vein, get this. I am on a committee that produces the Grand Detour Fine Arts Festival (GDAF). Due date was a week ago and take a guess who hasn't sent in her application. Didn't have to think too hard did you? The festival is in it's 59th year and will be held 9/9/07.

Today, I underpainted two 30" x 30" panels in prep for two still lifes. While prepping my mind was going back and forth on whether to use oils or acrylics on these pieces. As soon as I get to sketching it out, something will click and the decision will be made.

I'm getting hungry. Jeff doesn't have golf league tonight, so he'll be home this evening. Don't know about you gals, but it's really nice having the place to myself. When you're surrounded by people on a daily basis, being alone is a true guilty pleasure.

Enjoy Memorial Day. Remember, especially in these times, what this day is truly for and will continue to be for.