What...Snow in the South?

Beginning of Storm...view from Spa level to the top of
resort (our room is at the top)

This is getting silly. My husband and I traveled to Asheville, NC this past Sunday. We left EARLY from O'Hare in Chicago (through Detroit) and had a lovely hard landing due to the wind of that huge storm that was starting up on the East Coast.

We got our rental car, drove straight to the Grove Park Inn (an historic mountain resort). Believe it or not, we didn't get lost once! As we were driving, it started getting windier and then rainier, and finally snowier! By the time we checked in the area was in a full blown blizzard with hurricane like winds. So, we decided to stay in and eat at one of the inn's restaurants. My mother didn't raise no dummy.

By 9:20 p.m. the power for the whole place went out...all 500+ rooms...even the auxiliary lights. Didn't scare me, but makes a rather dull evening...well kinda.

Monday the sun came out, but the wind was a real skirt blower-upper! The inn had problems with power all day. Oh ... well, time for a glass or two of wine! We've had some really nice food at some really nice restaurants because it was better than being outside! Tuesday has been better and Jeff just got back after 18 holes of golf. His legs are tired. Poor baby.

Asheville Still Life
(I make a still life whenever I travel somewhere new!)

We'll be heading home (which, by the way, Illinois is enjoying 72 degree weather...hmmph) on Thursday to another fine weekend of restaurant work.

Asheville is a beautiful mountain town, full of galleries, outdoor activities, the Biltmore Estate, Arts & Craft architecture everywhere, and very nice people. Visit sometime.