Off to Chicago today

We arrived back to Illinois Sunday afternoon. Luckily the weather warmed up quite a bit since we had left for Savannah the week before. Today it's going to be 70!

Today I am going to Chicago's Art Institute with my art teacher friend, Debbie. One of her students, Jacob, won the Illinois State Art Poster contest with a piece of work that was done in Debbie's class. This is the SECOND time one Debbie's kids have won this state award.

Tomorrow, I will be getting back to my easel. I've been itchy to be creative.

Got a call today from an organization wanting me to donate one of my paintings to their art sale fundraiser. How do many of you (artists) feel about this? I have no problem donating to causes I feel personally attached to, but at times some of these organizations treat the artist (unknowingly, of course) as a free meal ticket. I haven't donated to these folks before, but know of them well. A couple of my artist peers have had problems with this organization when their work didn't meet the minimum. They (the artists) wanted there art back since it didn't sell. Both of them were told that since they "donated" it, the art was now theirs. One of the artists said that she just wanted to keep it safe and, if she didn't sell it within the year, would gladly donate it again next year. If it did sell, she would donate another piece. Also, many of these organizations don't tell you how much your work went for or who it went to.

I feel bad saying I probably will cave in, but with the stipulation that if it doesn't sell, I get it back. He's going to check into it. hmmm

Paul Dorrell had a great article on this same subject.