Getting out of the cold...

I'm packing today for Savannah, Georgia. Heard it's 75 degrees. Yeah baby.

Hit a snag though. My daughter called for some info on my drivers license and I noticed that my license expires today! Luckily our DMV is open on Saturdays. So, I head to Dixon, with unwashed hair and thinking that my biggest problem of the day was that for the next 8 years my license will show me with a real bad hair day. But Noooooooo...

Illinois' Dept. of Motor Vehicles and Social Security have merged. Didn't know that. Do you know that the first time you come in (since the merger) to do any updates or renewals on you license you MUST show your social security card? I haven't seen that card since 1986 or so. Never needed it. Knew the # and had no problems...ever. Well, don't you know, they wouldn't give me a new license. Tomorrow it is expired. I have to board a plane, pick up a car tomorrow.

Lord save us from eternal damnation. (my mother said that a lot when we were kids --6 girls in five years)

Good news is, I can use my passport...if I can find it.

I'll find it darn it.

WHEN my husband and I get to Savannah, I'll be posting some pics of that great town and its art.

Oh yeah....forgot. The painting I just finished (since prior post), has sold already. Didn't even have to frame it! Now, that's cool.